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A little girl is haunted by a terrifying presence in her bedroom.

Written & Directed by Joe Ballarini

1999 - (creepypasta)

“The year is nineteen-ninety-nine.”

That sentence brings me back to my senior kindergarten class when I was five years old, where we used to read out the date on the blackboard every single day. The year 1999 exists as a stain in my mind however, as a memory that will not go away no matter how I try to forget it. 1999 marked the year I lost my first tooth, my first time on a plane, and unfortunately the early loss of my childhood innocence.

That one memory that refuses to be wiped, it all started with that new (Or old) TV. At that time Pokémon was the latest fad to hit the school. Pokémon cards, games, stickers, and the most popular, the TV show. So of course every time I came home from school, I would stay glued to the TV until Pokémon came on at five. The only problem was that my dad watched the news at 5:30, and Pokémon episodes were back-to-back, which meant I had to miss an episode everyday, something I whined on and on about. My dad got tired of hearing me complain everyday, that must be why he went and bought another TV.

My dad put the TV he bought in my room, unfortunately it was just an old, small boob tube, with rabbit ears even. It also only had 20 channels available; not including the channel Pokémon was on. I recall I didn’t care though, I was just thrilled I had my own TV in my room. After surfing through the channels, I came to the conclusion that only channel 2 (TVO kids) was worth watching so I watched that for a while. It wasn’t for another few months until I discovered channel 21. One day in April, I was flipping through the channels, trying to see if Pokémon was on. I pressed channel 21 into the remote, hoping there were more channels, and to my delight there was. My dad was surprised too, but he let me watch it because it seemed to have kids programs on. The channel was called Caledon Local 21 and later I found out it was indeed broadcasted from the town of Caledon, Ontario, a town very close to my city.

The shows I saw on Caledon Local 21 looked poorly made, and I never understood what was going on in them half the time. However as I grew up, every time I thought of that channel, I realized more and more how messed up the shows were and I had to ask myself “What the fuck was I watching?”

The following is a list of shows and episodes I remember seeing on Caledon Local 21, how I remember such detail even disturbs me, but I guess things like this stand out in your mind for a while. There were only three shows I could find on the channel, probably because the channel was only operational between 4:00pm and 9:00pm

April, 1999

Booby-Episode 6: “Together”: I recall Booby was a show where the characters were simply live action hands, no puppets or anything, just hands. The show featured a hand named Booby who found himself in a new situation every episode. The show was only 5 minutes long, and looked like it was shot in front of a damp, decaying wall, with the hands always on a table with a red table cloth(Very low budget obviously). This was the first episode I watched. The episode began with Booby trying to get ketchup out of a bottle. It actually showed him beating himself against the bottom of the bottle for a good 3 minutes. Finally another hand came by and looked at Booby. “Together” The other hand said, and it began beating the bottle as well, until some ketchup finally squirted out all over the table (I remember chuckling slightly at this part). Booby then stared at the ketchup mess for a few seconds, before turning towards the camera as it slowly zoomed in on him.

Mr.Bear’s Cellar-Episode 12 : Very sketchy name if you were to look at it now a days. The show featured a guy wearing a bear mascot costume who would get a new visitor into his cellar everyday. (It was always a kid) The show was filmed with a camcorder, and not a very good one either. The police asked me a lot of questions about this show. This episode started with Mr. Bear sitting at a table playing checkers by himself (I didn’t recognize it at first, but the table was the same one from Booby). He sat there playing for a bit until there was a knock on the door. The camera was then looking up the stairs at the door, where there was another knock. Mr. Bear climbed the stairs, and opened the door to reveal two young children. One was a boy about my age, and the other was a girl who looked about eight.

Mr. Bear danced in delight, and then started talking to the kids; I couldn’t hear any of them that well I remember. Mr. Bear then lead the kids into the cellar, which was quite dark, only lit by a small oil lamp on the table. I can’t really remember that much more, except him singing a song which I couldn’t hear too well either (Probably because of that large bear mask). The episode ended with them playing hide-and-seek, with the kids hiding in a closet, and Mr. Bear counting.

May, 1999

Soup and Spoon: I don’t think this was even a show, I think it was more of a special movie thing. All I know is I stopped watching Caledon Local 21 for a while because I thought this show was too stupid, especially since Pokemon now came on at 4:30 and 5:00. I don’t remember much of this, but it showed a can of soup and a spoon both attached to strings, swinging back and forth, as if someone was holding them and dangling them in front of the camera. Interestingly enough, the show was shot in a basement, which looked just like the one used in Mr. Bear’s Cellar. Like I said, I can’t remember much, the only thing I can remember clearly was the end.

The entire thing was only half an hour, and just include stuff I found stupid, such as the spoon chasing the soup around trying to “Eat him”. The ending showed a table (the one from Booby once again) and about seven kids sitting around it, each with a bowl of soup in front of them. They were sitting and looking at the camera, but with confused, almost frightened faces. The camera man then held the can of soup in front of the kids and said “Spooooons ready?” And then it just stopped.

July, 1999

Sin título-2

This is Mr. Bears.

It was summer, and I hadn’t watched channel 21 for a while. Until one day when I slept over at my friend’s house I decided to check it out again. My friend had gotten a TV in his room for his sixth birthday, so we stayed up very late (For us, 9:30 was very late) and watched TV. That’s when I remembered channel 21 and brought it up to my friend. We decided to see if it was on, and to our surprise it was (They must have changed the broadcasting time).

Mr. Bear’s Cellar-Episode 23: This episode was entertaining for my friend and I, mainly because it had swearing. However, now when I think of this episode, I realize something was definitely wrong when it was filmed. The episode started with the camera on its side, while it was facing Mr. Bear, who was walking up stairs to the cellar door. The camera then blacked out for about a second, before fading in, back upright, and facing Mr. Bear. There was also another kid talking to him, but this kid looked about eleven or twelve.

He was talking to Mr. Bear for a while, but I couldn’t hear well (Again with the crappy camcorder) until the kid started raising his voice. The kid was saying how it was late and his sister had to go home, you could also hear more voices in the background. I remember Mr. Bear clearly saying “Get the fuck out, you’re not invited.” with a deep voice muffled by the bear mask. I remember my friend and I looking at each other and laughing at the mention of the forbidden F word, but the episode got weirder. The kid began climbing the stairs before turning around and saying how he was going to call the police. Mr. Bear began breaking into a run towards the kid, who started screaming and running as well. The camera then cut out, and that was the end of the episode. The channel then turned to static shortly after.

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Ghost Caught On Camera At Ye Olde Man and Scythe


This is actual CCTV footage recorded at Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub in Bolton, the fourth oldest pub in Britain which dates back to 1251. The footage was recorded on the night of Friday 14th February 2014.

Management discovered the footage later on in the morning of that same day after checking why the CCTV had stopped recording at 6.18 am

Children’s Playground - (r/nosleep)

This story is 100% true, although I was only 8 years old at the time, I can recollect every chilling detail.

I’d moved to a new town, this was a much nicer, cleaner, quieter town than the one I’d lived at before. Not the sort of town you’d expect to have… things wrong with it.

There was a very big public park right in the centre, it housed rows upon rows of swings, slides infested with snake-like tunnels that weaved in and around the playground - providing a maze for children to lose themselves in their games. There was even a functioning merry-go round which seemed to always be slightly turning, inviting the children to hitch a ride on it’s platform of twirls.

I have to emphasize on the fact that it was a quiet, peaceful town. The kind of town where kids could leave the house on their own and take the short journey to the park. I had been given strict instructions by my parents that I should come home the second it started turning dark. My life was wonderful, or so it seemed.

It was a Friday. I knew the day because I remember coming home with a big smile on my face as I knew I had the luxury of non-stop playing for the next two whole days. I did what I always did, I chucked my school bag on my bed and was ordered to change into other clothes. In a matter of minutes I was ready to descend onto the world of fun. Nothing could stop me.

The tunnels were my favourite, it was so easy to get lost in them which made great fun for playing hide and seek with my only 2 friends, Billy and Tom. They were both in my class and we - like many 8-year-olds - loved any game that filled us with pure adrenaline. We were going to play Murder. I don’t expect anyone to know this game, we made it up. The rules were very similar to hide and seek, except when the one seeking found you, they had to ‘murder’ you. (Pretend obviously).

It was nearing winter as I remember being slightly cold as I wormed my way around in the tunnels, furiously trying to find a perfect hiding spot. Billy was the seeker. Tom had hidden behind the merry-go round. I was alone.

It must have been maybe 10minutes (Which for an 8-year-old felt like a year) when I decided to do what all kids do when they get bored - Give up. “I give up!” I shouted, my voice echoing through the tunnels. “I’m in the tunnels! I give up!” I heard sudden shuffling from one end of the tunnel. Now I don’t know why. But I froze still. I didn’t call out again, I just… waited. Something wasn’t right. Billy would always say something before coming in after someone in the tunnel. He’d always congratulate them on being the last to be found, or for cheating by hiding in the endless maze of tunnels. As I stood frozen, the shuffling grew louder. I could tell it was starting to get dark outside as the tunnels slowly began to lose any light in them, slowly but surely dropping into darkness. I began to slowly shuffle backwards, the shuffling ahead of me grew louder, as if someone or something way too big for the tunnel was trying to navigate around. “Come out, it’s time to go home now” A very creepy voice echoed through the tunnels. It sounded like when a grown man talks to small children, talking slightly higher pitched. This was definitely wrong. I probably would have come out if the voice was outside. But it wasn’t. It was inside the tunnels. Why would an adult crawl inside?

As I was shuffling further and further back, the face of an old man appeared in the darkness ahead of me. Patches of hair on his head and a definite look of someone who hadn’t showered in the last week. I couldn’t see what he was wearing but I knew it was tattered old clothes. He had a sharp scraggly beard which was peppered with dirt. The second we made eye contact he just smiled at me. Revealing his filthy, unbrushed teeth which had blotches of brown and black covering them entirely. I panicked, turned around and began shuffling on all fours as fast as I could, The shuffling behind me growing louder and quicker.

He was chasing me.

I sped through the maze for what felt like an eternity, I only stopped when my legs refused to move anymore. I’d taken so many twists and turns that even I was completely lost. “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to talk” the voice echoed through the tunnels, I could tell he was nearby. I pressed my body against the bottom of the small, narrow tunnel and listened. He continued to make soft cooing noises, begging me to come out and present myself to him. I lay in that tunnel for hours. No exaggeration. Even after I heard him curse to himself and angrily force his way out of the tunnel I continued to wait. Thoughts raced my mind of me coming out the tunnel only to be met by that same smile that once greeted me.

In the darkness of the tunnel I could make out blue flashing lights on the outside, I heard frantic voices calling three names repeatedly. “Billy?! Tom?! Michael?!” When I heard my name my heart slowly began to calm. My parents had come. I easily shuffled out of the tunnels, guided by the wet dirt scrapings along the walls of the tunnel, the way the man must have gone. Outside I was greeted by several police cars, lights flashing. There were groups of adults with concerned looks on the faces. I recognised two of them. My parents. “Mom! Dad!” I wailed, crying as I ran towards them. They began crying and ran towards me, lifting me off the ground and hugging me so tightly it felt as though I was being slowly crushed.

Billy and Tom were taken that evening. They were later found hidden in a nearby skip. Mutilated. They had been brutally massacred, their skulls had been caved in with a large iron bar and their bodies had deep cuts everywhere, large pieces of glass found buried in their backs.

What chills me to the fucking bone is that the wet dirt I saw in the tunnels wasn’t entirely dirt. It was Billy and Tom’s blood. After slaughtering my two best friends and making eye contact with me in that tunnel, he just… Smiled. He had won the game…


written by CryingCrow




Like I always say, the real horror in life isn’t monsters, demons or ghosts but us, humans and what we are capable of

Here’s the original video

This is legit terrifying.




The Ring: Cursed Video Tape

According to the plot anyone who watches the tape is cursed and has a week to copy the tape and show it to someone else, otherwise they will be killed by Samara’s ghost.

The tape’s images are a playback on Samara’s life. Samara was pushed down a well by her adoptive mother, Anna Morgan,spending seven days trying to escape but died on the seventh, using her nensha powers (the power to burn photographic images from ones mind to a film tape) to make the tape, out of vengeance and a desire to be found.

This movie was truly iconic.

And if you missed or want to watch it again, here you go

To watch the entire cursed video

When I see this I can’t help but think about the Scary Movie version. LOLOL

"Cindy this bitch is messin up my floor!"


El Paso’s High School happens to be one of the oldest buildings in that city. 

Eerie reports from students and faculty include urban legends surrounding the building’s fourth floor, which is said to be inhabited by a thick mist.

Some have linked the phenomena to a tragedy dating back 35 years, when a student slashed her wrists and dove from the fourth floor balcony to her death.

Her spectral shape has been sighted on the balcony, waving to visitors or recreating her fatal jump, and is also seen roaming the hallways, crying . 

The picture below dated 1985, showing the unidentified woman in the center whose features are blurred and distorted. According to students who posed for the photo, no one recognized her from the day the picture was taken… and some say she was never there.

(Click picture to enlargen)

Also a group of teachers found a small sealed-up classroom behind a brick wall. The room had been left exactly as it was when the last class left, with students’ personal items still on the desks. One such item was a love letter from a teenage girl… and a haunting suicide note.